ICARE Highlights

PARASOL: 4 years in orbit


In March 2009, ICARE celebrates the 4th anniversary of PARASOL successful operations. PARASOL is a microsatellite launched by CNES on December 18, 2004. It carries a wide-field imaging radiometer/polarimeter called POLDER (Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances). PARASOL is part of the A-Train constellation, and contributes to an overall strategy to observe clouds and aerosols from multiple sensors on the same orbit. Originally scheduled to last 2 years, the mission was reconducted indefinitely, in consideration of the instrument good performance and scientific value. The ICARE Data and Services Center generates derived cloud and aerosol science products routinely, usually within 24-48 hours of data acquisition. Science products have been operationally produced and distributed since March 2005, at the end of the satellite commissioning phase. Other than a few scattered incidents, PARASOL did not experience any major problem, and only very few downtimes occurred. Over 4 years's worth of PARASOL data are now available in the ICARE archive.

Complete Reprocessing of POLDER Atmosphere Products
and New Distribution Scheme for POLDER Products


A reprocessing of the entire POLDER-1/POLDER-2 archive was completed in November 2007 to produce all atmosphere products (Aerosols and Clouds) with the latest generation of science algorithms used to process the PARASOL data, such that a consistent POLDER-1, POLDER-2, and POLDER-3/PARASOL archive is now available.
On that occasion, POLDER distribution services for atmosphere products are transferred from CNES/CPP to ICARE. The ICARE Data and Services Center is now responsible for the processing, archive, and distribution of POLDER atmosphere products, in line with the PARASOL mission. From now on, all POLDER level-1 and atmosphere products may be downloaded from the ICARE website.

A-Train Lille Symposium 2007
"Bringing together A-Train observations and modelling
to understand aerosols and clouds"


The "A-Train Lille Symposium 2007" will be held in Lille - Grand-Palais, October 22-25, 2007. The symposium aims at providing a forum focused on characterization of cloud and aerosol properties, their representation in models, and related processes such as cloud-aerosols interactions and their effect on radiation. The "A-train observatory", set up by NASA and CNES, includes an unprecedented set of five satellites, flying along the same track and observing the aerosol-cloud system with complementing sensors.


Fires in Greece, August 2007

Large forest fires erupted in Greece's Peloponnesus Peninsula on August 24th, 2007, producing thick plumes of smoke over the Ionian Sea. Several remote sensing images and products available from the ICARE archive helped users analyze that event.