POLDER/PARASOL Data and Services

Since 1996, three POLDER instruments have flown : POLDER-1 onboard JAXA/ADEOS I (November 1996 - June 1997), POLDER-2 onboard JAXA/ADEOS-II (April 2003 - October 2003) and PARASOL onboard CNES/Myriade microsatellite within the A-train constallation (December 2004). POLDER is a wide field of view imaging radiometer that provides systematic measurements of spectral, directional and polarized properties of the solar radiation reflected by the Earth/atmosphere system.

The ICARE data and services center is in charge of the POLDER/PARASOL derived atmospheric products, including level 2 and 3 algorithms development, data production and distribution and imagery processing. Level-1 data are produced by CNES/CPP and are made available both at CNES and at ICARE (usually less than 48 hours after data acquisition). Level-1, level-2 and level-3 products are publicly available, (a simple registration is required to access level 1 data). We invite users to register at ICARE in order to receive relevant information about ICARE services and data sets.

All the PARASOL or POLDER data (level 1,2,3) are available on-line at Icare using ftp (ftp.icare.univ-lille1.fr) or web interface without any delay.

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