ARTDECO Source Code

A technical user guide describing the features and configurations of the ARTDECO package can be freely downloaded :
Technical User Guide
For registered ARTDECO users, ARTDECO V1.1.2 can be downloaded :
ARTDECO_V1.1.2.tar.gz Restricted Access

If you are not yet a registered user, please fill the registration form indicating your will to download ARTDECO in the “project description” box. If you already are a registered user, you may have to write to in order to extend your rights to download the ARTDECO package.

IMPORTANT : When downloading the package, you agree not to distribute it, as AERIS/ICARE must remain the only source of distribution of ARTDECO. Further recommendations will be shortly communicated to users.


You are an ICARE registered user, but you do not have yet the permission to download ARTDECO. Please request the permission at