Caltrack Browses Factory


This tool is written in python and is composed of one script. It builds the browses of variables issued of a caltrack product via an interactive interface. This tool was originally designed for an internal purpose. At this time, it is given as it. In the future, it will be "reforged" to be more generic.


Download v0.0.0


usage: ./ [options]

-h, --help Show this help message and exit
-i INFILE, --input_file=INFILE
The caltrack input file you want to build the browse
-v, --verbose Print out processing informations
-x, --overwrite Overwrite existing files

Example of output

This is an example of browse that can be built with this tool.

caltrack product browse image
Browse of caltrack_2006-08-28T12-38-52ZD.hdf file