Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are several SODA products which contain a lot of parameters, which one should I use ?

We have focalised our efforts of validation on the 5 km aerosol product at 532 nm, and we encourage users to use the parameter "Optical_Depth_532_Aerosol" contained in the "SODA_AOD-5km product".

There are several satellite products (MODIS, POLDER, MISR, etc) which are providing the optical depth of aerosols over the ocean. Why should I use SODA ?

At the moment, the main advantages of using SODA with respect to most remote sensing products are :

The aerosol optical depth is already derived from CALIOP. What is the information brought by SODA ?

The SODA retrieval is independent of any a priori assumption on aerosol type. The retrieval is also performed at the native horizontal resolution of the lidar which may be useful for studies focused on small scale processes.