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ICARE's Wiki is dedicated to ICARE users for sharing any useful informations related to ICARE services.

First, before you can make any change or addition to the ICARE's Wiki content, you'll have to register to create an account, or log in if you have a Wiki account already. To create a new account, just click the "Login/Create Account" link in the upper right corner of any page of the Wiki. Fill out the form to create your account, and then login.
Once you are logged in to the Wiki with a confirmed account, you'll be able to edit some existing pages and create new ones.
Registration to ICARE's Wiki is mandatory even if you are an ICARE registered user for other services (e.g., data access).

ICARE's Wiki includes two main sections:

  • ICARE pages: that section presents general information about ICARE data and services center. You cannot add/modify any of those pages.
  • Community portal: that section is dedicated to users. Some pages have been initiated by ICARE personnel. Feel free to add/change/modify existing pages or make any new contribution. Remember you have to register and log in to ICARE's Wiki to make any change.

To modify an existing page:
Just click on the [edit] tab at the top of the page. Then you will enter a basic text editor. Content is entered using a very simple markup, html-like language. You can find more details about editing methods here.

To create a new page:

To advertise your contributions:
You have to create a link to your own pages to make them visible from other users. For example, you can add an entry into the Community Portal front page. You may also reference your page using a URL such as from any other web page.

It is useful to sign your page with your signature. It is also possible to give some magic words for information mining through the wiki site. More information about how to sign a page for reference here.

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