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ICARE Overview

ICARE's Wiki: Introduction

ICARE's Wiki is dedicated to ICARE users for sharing any useful information related to ICARE services. Anybody can read those pages, but you will have to register and log to ICARE wiki if you want to add or modify any page (even if you are already registered to ICARE general services).
A rapid description of ICARE services is presented below. Users pages are accessible through the menu Community Portal.

You can find more details here:

ICARE archive tree structure

ICARE Data and Services Center holds mainly remote sensing data sets useful for atmospheric research. The archive is fully available on-line, using ftp, http or ssh services. Data are stored using a folder tree structure based on:

  • Sensor
    • Product type
      • Year
        • Day
          • Data files

Data files are stored in their native format (i.e. as produced by original data providers such as CNES, NASA, ESA, Eumetsat, ICARE). The preferred format is HDF and is chosen whenever possible by the ICARE teams to produce or distribute data. Most data sets have associated browse imagery in the same directory as the data files. The total volume of data archived at ICARE is about 250 Tb (march 2009).
A data catalogue is available to access all data sets. While several product versions may be stored at ICARE, a generic shortcut to the latest or current version is available for each product. Only those latest versions are displayed in the data catalogue.

When applicable, the notion of "data collection" was introduced in order to present multiple-version datasets as one single data set through the mission lifespan (e.g., PARASOL L1_B or CloudSat datasets).

ICARE Services

ICARE not only stores and distributes remote sensing data, it supplies also many services to help users in selecting, accessing and processing the data.

There are three categories of services :



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