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Tuesday 3 February 2009


Chairperson: Rob Roebeling

  • 09:00 Welcome
    Igor Giunta and Anke Thoss
  • 09:10 Keynote: Cloud Climatologies and results of GEWEX Cloud Assessment
    Claudia Stubenrauch
  • 09:40 Evaluation of the global cloud cover parameters obtained from geostationnary data in the frame of the MEGHA-Tropiques mission with CALIPSO lidar observations
    G. Sèze, H. Legleau, M. Derrien , J. Pelon , S. Cloche
  • 10:00 AVHRR Cloud Products NOAA/NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research
    Andrew Heidinger
  • 10:20 Cloud Products CM-SAF
    Rainer Hollmann and Maarit Lockhoff
  • 10:40 COFFEE BREAK


Chairperson: Juergen Fischer

  • 11:00 Keynote: The MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Product
    Steve Platnick
  • 11:30 SAFNWC / MSG cloud products
    M.Derrien, H.Le Gléau and M.P. Raoul
  • 11:50 Cloud detection using SEVIRI IR channels for the GERB processing
    Alexandro Ipe
  • 12:10 Recent improvements to the SEVIRI cloud processing methods used at the Met Office
    James Hocking and Pete Francis
  • 12:30 Simulated satellite radiances for the validation of cloud property retrievals
    Luca Bugliaro
  • 12:50 LUNCH BREAK


Chairperson: Bryan Baum

  • 14:00 Keynote: Near-real time cloud products from operational and research meteorological satellites
    Patrick Minnis, Louis Nguyen, William L. Smith, David R. Doelling
  • 14:30 A Tool for Validating Cloud parameters from A-Train data
    Phil Watts
  • 14:50 Comparison of different inversion techniques for daytime cloud optical and microphysical parameters retrieval
    Andi Walther
  • 15:10 On the sensitivity of satellite-derived cloud climatologies to sensor resolution
    H. Deneke, R. Roebeling, E. Wolters, C. Simmer, and A. Feijt
  • 15:30 Comparison of cloud properties derived from SEVIRI and MODIS above the Southern Atlantic
    Rene Preusker, Steffen Kothe, Anja Hünerbein, Jürgen Fischer
  • 15:50 COFFEE BREAK

Chairperson: Pete Francis

  • 16:20 Keynote: Improvements in MODIS Collection 6 Cloud-Top Properties and Ice Cloud Bulk Optical Models
    Bryan Baum
  • 16:50 Evaluation of CM-SAF cloud products in the Arctic region using CloudSat/CALIPSO measurements, synoptical observations and MODIS Level 3 products
    Karl-Göran Karlsson
  • 17:10 Impact of Pixel Resolution and Cloud Horizontal Inhomogeneity on Satellite Cloud Phase Climatology Using Modis Data
    E.L.A. Wolters, H.M. Deneke, J.F. Meirink, and R.A. Roebeling
  • 17:30 Impact of the use of surface emissivity information on cloud detection and cloud analysis
    Hans-Joachim Lutz
  • 19:00 DINNER

Wednesday 4 February 2009


Chairperson: Claudia Stubenrauch

  • 09:00 Intercomparison overview
    Rob Roebeling
  • 09:20 Validation of MSG and MetOp products from ship based measurements over the Atlantic Ocean
    Andreas Macke, John Kalisch, Yann Zoll, Rainer Hollmann, Peter Schlüssel
  • 09:40 Results MSG intercomparison
    Andi Walther
  • 10:00 Results Polar Satellite intercomparison
    Anke Thoss
  • 10:20 Discussion
  • 10:30 COFFEE BREAK
  • 11:00 Comparison against Cloudsat/Calipso
    Andi Walther
  • 11:30 Discussion & Working group formation
    Anke Thoss
  • 11:50 Official Welcome
    Dr Peter Binder, Head of Forecasting Division, MeteoSwiss
  • 12:00 LUNCH BREAK


  • 13:30 WG sessions 1
  • 15:30 COFFEE BREAK
  • 16:00 WG sessions 2