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<br>''Galina Wind, Jerome Riedi, Steven Platnick, Andrew Heidinger''
<br>''Galina Wind, Jerome Riedi, Steven Platnick, Andrew Heidinger''
'''The location of inversion boundary layer clouds'''
[[Media:Poster_CREW-4_Joro.pdf | '''The location of inversion boundary layer clouds''']]
<br>''Sauli Joro, Phil Watts, Hans-Joachim Lutz''
<br>''Sauli Joro, Phil Watts, Hans-Joachim Lutz''

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The determination of cloud top height using hyperspectral measurements in the oxygen A-band
A. A. Kokhanovsky, V. V. Rozanov, L. Lelli, M. Vountas, J. P. Burrows

Multi-layered Cloud Parameter Retrievals: Developments and Improvements Using Passive Satellite Observations
Fu-Lung Chang, Patrick Minnis, Rabindra Palikonda, Sunny Sun-Mack, Yan Chen, Mandana Khaiyer, Douglas Spangenberg, and Christopher Yost

Climate Change in Ethiopia (not presented)
Habtamu Adugna

SEVIRI Cloud Product Collection 6 Updates
Galina Wind, Jerome Riedi, Steven Platnick, Andrew Heidinger

The location of inversion boundary layer clouds
Sauli Joro, Phil Watts, Hans-Joachim Lutz

The CM SAF climate data records of cloud properties
M. Stengel, A. Kniffka, K.-G. Karlsson, J.F. Meirink

Evaluation results of the optimal estimation based, multi-sensor cloud property data sets derived from AVHRR heritage measurements in the Cloud_cci project.]
S. Stapelberg, M. Jerg, M. Stengel, R. Hollmann and the ESA Cloud CCI team

Recent improvements to the KNMI Cloud Physical Properties algorithm
Gerd-Jan van Zadelhoff, Jan Fokke Meirink

Update of the SEVIRI scene identification within the GERB processing for Ed. 2
Ipe A, E. Baudrez, N. Clerbaux, I. Decoster, S. Nevens, A. Velzaquez Blazquez

Improvements in the Optimal Retrieval of Aerosol and Clouds (ORAC) system: Cloud-top correction for infrared measurements (not presented)
Greg McGarragh, Don Grainger, Caroline Poulsen, Gareth Thomas, Adam Povey

Retrieval of Cloud Optical Properties and Their Application to Examinations of Cloud Life-Cycles
Jennifer Slobodda, Rene Preusker, Jürgen Fischer

Inter-comparison of cloud parameters between COMS and MODIS
Haklim Choi, Eunha Son, Eun-Jeong Cha

Nadia Smith, Elisabeth Weisz, Paul Menzel, Bryan Baum

Evaluation of Level-3 aggregation methods
Theo Steenbergen and Rob Roebeling

Information content analysis on cloud microphysics parameters from measurements of the future Multi-viewing, Multichannel, Multi-polarisation Instrument (3MI)
Guillaume Merlin, Jérôme Riedi, Laurent Labonnote, Céline Cornet

Detection of multi-layer cloud cases from SEVIRI
Hans Joachim Lutz

Introduction of the Optimal Cloud Analysis for Himawari-8/-9
Masahiro Hayashi

Diurnal cycles of linear contrail coverage, cirrus coverage, and outgoing longwave radiation in the North Atlantic flight corridor derived from MSG and compared with MODIS
Kaspar Graf, Ulrich Schumann, David Duda, Pat Minnis

NWCSAF PPS package v 2014: updates and prelimenary validation results (not presented)
Anke Thoss, Nina Håkansson, Adam Dybbroe, Ronald Scheirer, Sara Hörnquist, Karl-Göran Karlsson, Jan-Fokke Meirink

The CLARA-A1 satellite simulator: Examples using the global climate model EC-Earth (replacing Thoss et al.)
Joseph Sedlar and Salomon Eliasson (presented by Karl-Göran Karlsson)

How much independent cloud information's could be measured with OLCI's Oxygen A band channels?
André Hollstein and Jürgen Fischer

Thoughts on a CALIPSO Level 3 Cloud Product
David Winker